Photographer: Barry O'Carroll

Barry O'Carroll is a landscape photographer from Dublin Ireland. Barry explains:

"The majority of my portfolio consists of urban landscape and natural landscape photography shot during my travels and in my own beautiful country of Ireland. I am at my happiest when combining my love of photography with my love of travel. There is nothing quite like exploring a new city or terrain with my camera at the ready I also enjoy capturing the beauty the natural world from the rivers, mountains and lakes of my native Ireland to the white sandy shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia. As a proud Irish landscape photographer, I obviously enjoy shooting in my own beautiful green country. I also have a strong affinity to my wife’s native country of France. I particularly enjoy shooting in the City of Light itself, Paris.

I believe that the quality of light is what really makes a photograph great. As a result, I tend to shoot in the morning and evening when the light just either side of sunrise and sunset can transform an already magnificent scene into something even more spectacular. The pale light before dawn gives scenes a wonderful pastel quality while the first low angled rays of morning and evening light bathe the landscape in a sublime golden glow. The blue hour just after sunset is my favourite time for capturing urban landscapes just as the city lights begin to come to life."

All of Barry's pictures are available in archive quality prints. 

Custom House at Night, Dublin

Photographer: Barry O'Carroll

The 18th century Custom House reflected in the River Liffey at Night.

- Barry O'Carroll