Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: George Sheils

Today we feature a beautiful long exposure taken at North Strand Skerries by George Sheils. There is an appealing symmetry and depth to the picture. The way the culvert slopes into the sea creates the illusion that it extends far out into the horizon.

Interestingly, this long exposure was taken by George on a self-constructed 5 x 4 pinhole camera. Notice how the turbulent areas of the water gain a misty appearance. This is not editing - its a technique known as slow shutter photography. Executed well, the photographer can produce a beautiful blended images that capture the motion in a scene over time. George took this exposure over the course of one and a half minutes. 

A lovely local picture of Skerries with a pleasing vignette.

-Mark Sheils

Founder. Picture Ireland