Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: Bryan Hanna

Today we feature a beautiful painterly composition by Bryan Hanna of Lough Eske in County Donegal. Amusingly, back in 1998 a national newspaper published a story on supposed sightings of a "Lough Eske Monster". Unfortunately it must have been hiding when Bryan photographed the scene on this peaceful day. He describes the location:

"The morning sun lit up the misty lake and the surrounding area creating a picturesque scene. Harvey’s Point hotel can been seen in the background."

I really like the soft painterly pastel tones of this image. The Bluestack mountains dominate the skyline. Harvey's Point hotel is entrenched within the landscape while a thin mist hangs above the banks of this ghostly-still lake. This truly is a mysterious and postcard-worthy scene. This print is available from €35. You can browse or buy Bryan Hanna's prints here.

- Mark Sheils

Founder, Picture Ireland