Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: Gareth McCormack

Happy St. Stephens Day!

Today we feature a winter sunset over the Sperrin Mountains by Gareth McCormack. Situated in Northern Ireland, the Sperrins stretch across several Counties. Gareth explains the scene:

"The Sperrin Mountains receive deep snowfalls most winters. One Christmas the Gortin area was obscured by a covering of thick fog, so I decided to climb above it to the summit of Mullagharn. From the top I looked out across a sea of fog as the two highest peaks in the Sperrins, Sawel and Dart, were lit by the setting sun. I singled them out with a telephoto lens and pushed the film one stop to improve contrast and warmth." 

The underlying fog adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the foreground. This is a unique sunset captured by Gareth.

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- Mark Sheils
Founder, Picture Ireland