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Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: Reuben Fields

Today we feature vibrant composition of the Upper Lake in Glendalough County Wicklow by Reuben Fields. Glendalough is renowned for its natural beauty and its also the site of a monastic settlement founded by St Kevin in the 6th century. Reuben has captured the Upper lakes on a beautiful clear day. The lush greens trees are reflected in the lake. There is a pleasant symmetry to the image. 

I would definitely recommend visiting Glendalough. Interestingly, the longest ever viking ship (30 metres long) constructed was actually built using Glendalough oak around 1042.

This print is available from €45. You can browse or buy Reuben Fields prints here.

- Mark Sheils

Founder, Picture Ireland

Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Editors Choice: Photo of the Day