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Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: Gareth McCormack

Today we feature a sensational shot of Trawbreaga Bay in County Donegal by talented Gareth McCormack. Located at Inishowen, this is the largest Peninsula in Ireland. It has some of the largest sand dunes in Europe as can be seen below. It also contains Ireland's most Northerly location, Malin Head. Gareth explains how he got the picture:

"I had been trying to photograph this bay on the Inishowen Peninsula for at least a year before taking this shot one winter's afternoon. Even now I had to shelter from a biting wind for over an hour as I waited for the sun to sink into a gap beneath the clouds. As the light began to filter through, I scrambled down the cliff overlooking the beach, where I used a 3-stop graduated filter to hold back the sky."

This is a great capture by Gareth and the graduated filter has certainly worked well to preserve the detail in the highlights. The landscape is bathed in the warm glow of evening light . You can browse or buy Gareth McCormack's prints here.

- Mark Sheils

Founder, Picture Ireland

Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Editors Choice: Photo of the Day