Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: Joe Craig

Today we feature a great black and white picture of the Giant's Causeway by photographer Joe Craig! Located in County Antrim, it is one of the most iconic locations in Northern Ireland. Formed by an ancient volcanic eruption, it  consists of approximately 40,000 interlocked basalt columns pushing out from the earth. Impressively, the tallest columns are over 12 metres high. UNESCO classified the Giant's Caueway as a World Heritage site in 1986. Joe comments:

"About 50 million years ago, a volcano erupted in what is now Northern Ireland. The molten basalt this volcano spewed forth cooled and then contracted, a process which forced fractures to occur, resulting in a vast number of hexagonal basal columns now called Giant’s Causeway"

Joe has certainly captured the beauty of this location. This print is available from €45. You can browse or buy Joe Craig's prints here.


- Mark Sheils

Founder, Picture Ireland