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Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: Gareth McCormack

Today we feature a fantastic image of Boyeeghter Strand in County Donegal by Gareth McCormack. The beach is lit brightly by the sun in this vibrant composition. Gareth explains:

"There aren't many beaches in Ireland that can't be reached by car. Boyeeghter Strand on Melmore Head is one exception to the rule. It is guarded by steep cliffs and its isolation means it always feels like a wild and special place. One September evening I climbed to an exposed bluff overlooking the beach. Recent wave action had moulded the sand into regular patterns and as the sun set, the cliffs and sand glowed with a golden hue."

The aerial perspective from the bluff helps create this unique photo. See Gareth McCormack's Irish landscape prints here.

Editors Choice: Photo of the Day

Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day