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Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day

Photographer: Emma McArdle

Today we feature a great capture of the Poolbeg Stacks by Emma McArdle. Emma comments:

"The thermal station chimneys are among the tallest structures in Ireland and are visible from most of Dublin city. Poolbeg is situated next to the Pigeon House generating station, where electricity was first generated in 1903. The Pigeon House was previously a military barracks and the officers’ accommodation building still exists. It was used for power generation until it was decommissioned in 1976, and the Poolbeg plant is still known locally as the Pigeon House. This picture was taken from Dollymount strand, Clontarf. It was so windy out that I set up the tripod and take it from inside my car.

You can buy this print mounted from €45.  Browse Emma McArdle's stunning print collection.

- Mark Sheils

Founder, Picture Ireland

Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day

Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day