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Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day

"Sometimes one day changes everything; sometimes years change nothing." - Irish Proverb

Photographer: Bret Culp

Today we feature an incredible image of Skellig Michael in Co. Kerry by Bret Culp. This small island was once home to a Christian monastery from around the 6th Century until the 12th. Conditions were very tough for the monks here and there was also a hermitage site on the South of the island for spiritual reflection in isolation. Interestingly the monks developed a water purifying system and other clever ways to survive on the island. They moved back to the mainland in the 12th Century due to the persistent inclement weather and storms the island faced. Skellig Michael  is now classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As Bret notes, not a lot has changed over time on this beautiful but destitute island.

This print is available from €50. Browse Bret Culp's print collection.

Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day

Editor's Choice: Photo of the Day