Dune, Fanore Beach.


Dune, Fanore Beach.

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Photographer: George Sheils

Ireland has a lot of areas where natural sand dunes occur, particularly on the Atlantic battered West Coast.

In recent years these dunes have been subject to violent winter storms and, in some places, have been damaged by both wind erosion and human footfall. To protect these fantastic places there has been a policy of replanting Marram Grass to ensure the health and regeneration of the dune and also in some cases fences of natural hardwood and zig-zag piles have been erected to restrict the flow of movement through at-risk areas.

I think these dunes are nice places to photograph and make for ideal pinhole material.

These images show the Dunes at two different locations on the West Clare coast.

- George Sheils

5x4 DIY Pinhole Camera/ f150; 0.3mm pinhole

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