Illaunbawn Plantation - Artifacts From Another Time

Illaunbawn Plantation - Artifacts From Another Time

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Photographer: George Sheils

County Clare is home to over 2,000 forest owners, largely from farming backgrounds. The two main reasons why forestry is becoming popular in Clare are the levels of grant money and premium available and also the fact that forestry is seen as a better use of marginal land.

I visited one such forest to see what effect intensive foresting has on the landscape and at Illaunbawn, near Lahinch I could see that while foresting is obviously a welcome income boost in the long term for farming families there is no doubt but that there is an awful mess left behind once harvesting has begun. The devastation is Hiroshima-like with tree roots, branches and general timber debris left over.

This picture shows an old kettle which was used for boiling water to make tea and even provide hot water for baths and washing.

- George Sheils

Calumet cc-4402 Large Format Camera/ 120mm Schneider Angulon/ F8 for 1/60 second

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