Photographer: Conor McEneaney

Conor McEneaney is a photographer from County Louth with an exceptional eye for detail. His style of work is vibrant and simplistic. He is accomplished in both the field of colour photography and black and white. There is a clear subject of focus in each of his shots and a contrast between soft and sharp elements in his composition style. We always enjoy seeing his images and are delighted to include some of his best photos in the Picture Ireland catalogue. Conor explains a little more about himself:

"I am a native of Dundalk, Ireland and have always been involved in creative arts in one form or another. In recent years I have found myself more focused on visual art in the form of photography, particularly landscapes and black & white.  I am drawn to the dynamic and changeable conditions of the Irish coastline so you will find many seascape images in my galleries. I hold a Licentiateship distinction with the Irish Photographic Federation. I hope that you enjoy looking through my gallery and hopefully you'll find some images that have some meaning in your own life."

We hope you enjoy viewing Conor's unique and diverse collection of Irish landscape images.