A Ha'Penny for your thoughts!

In case you missed it, today is the 200th birthday of the iconic Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin City.

Constructed on May 19th 1816, the cast iron pedestrian Ha'Penny Bridge has been an iconic fixture in Dublin for two centuries as of today. And to celebrate, we are going to showcase some of our favourite shots of this iconic bridge. It's official name has changed over the years and interestingly its official name remains the 'Liffey Bridge'. 

It was first built to allow people cross the Liffey on foot rather than by ferry. It got its nickname Ha'Penny bridge because up until 1919 this was the toll to be paid to cross. Turnstiles were located on the North and South side of the walkway. 

Time to let the pictures do the talking!

We hope you enjoy this selection of images of the Ha'Penny bridge from a variety of talented photographers on Picture Ireland. You can click into any of the images for more details if you would like to purchase a print.