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Meet Street Photographer: Andrew Collins

Meet Street Photographer: Andrew Collins

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First of all I'd like to say a huge thank you to Mark Sheils for giving me this opportunity to talk about some of my Street Photography work.

I'll give the quickest introduction possible. I'm 22, I began taking photos properly when I started a Level 5 FETEC course in Marino College of Further Education in September 2012. My love for street photography is rooted there. Waiting for a train home in Connolly train station led me to take the camera out and start shooting. We went on many a photo-walk around the city and I never thought I could even point a camera at someone on the street but that all changed very quickly. By the time my course was finished in summer 2013 I was travelling into Dublin for the sole purpose of wandering the streets with my camera to try and capture something ( I didn't know what that something was, I just let things happen) and from there it continued, wherever I was going I brought my camera.

I have now finished a Level 6 FETEC in Photography and even though I photograph weddings and do other paid work I still manage to get time to do Street Photography, long may it continue.

My own style is to not get in peoples faces and not to intrude on their privacy. But at the same time I get close enough to the subject.

What I've learned is that equipment does not really matter when doing street photography. But the shorter the lens the better. A 24-70mm or 50mm is ideal in my opinion as they force you to get closer to the subject, leading to better photos. I'm going to buy a 50mm prime lens soon. You cant zoom, this also forces you to use your feet to zoom, and forces you to frame up and compose a picture faster before taking the shot.

I always shoot in Manual mode choosing my own settings as I go along and the light changes, or under/over expose an image slightly for effect.

But just get your camera out and shoot what you like!

I'll jump straight into the photos and give some details about each one.

Outside "Eager Beaver" clothes shop, Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin. 2014.

I framed this shot up to ensure I got the mannequin/face in the window in the shot with the gardai and waited for this man to cross in front before I took the shot. 

"Dublin Noir" 

While exploring the streets of Dublin by night I spotted this. The textures and the way the light illuminates the bricks caught my eye as well as the bars on the window and the strange markings on the posters that are peeling off. 

Main Street Balbriggan, 2015. 

I spotted this character as I was walking along and took this shot quickly.It turns out he is a well known character around the town and a relative of a photographer friend of mine.

Outside The Lounge Pub, Balbriggan Harbor, 2015. 

This man lives on the biggest boat in the Harbor I believe. His loyal dog is always close by, here she is trying to go after her ball.

Clarendon Street, Just off Grafton street, Dublin. 2015

Street photography always amazes me, This is a random shot that I took walking past this group but turns out someone I know, knows someone in the picture and even tagged them in the photo on the Facebook page!

Connolly Train Station, Dublin City. 2015.

My love for street photography and possibly photography in general was founded in this train station. I started doing photography properly in Marino College on North Strand road almost 3 years ago. I spent a lot of my days waiting on a train home so I would take out my camera and start snapping anything I saw, just to kill time. Nowadays I cant walk through here without taking out my camera, always trying to capture something, a moment. I took this photo waiting for a train home after photographing the launch of Energia / House 2 Home Partnership. Even though I'm getting paid to take photos now I'll always take personal photos whenever I can and never stop trying to get better and document life. This shot stood out to me because maybe that will be me on that bench someday, although I will have camera in hand probably photographing the pigeons.

Bachelors Lane, St. Augustine's Church, Opposite Admirals Bar. Drogheda, Co. Louth. 2015

This gentleman was sitting outside the bar to the left of the frame having a smoke so I thought I should take a shot. I found it interesting because there was no on else around at all, except him. Drogheda is a very unique town.

College Green / Opposite Trinity College. Dublin 2014

I noticed this guy talking on a mobile phone, in an old phone box (I think).

Lower Abbey Street, Dublin. 2014 

I always get reasonably close to the subject (less than 15 feet) although I had a longer lens this day and it paid off!

Moore Street, Dublin. 2014

A very gloomy cloudy day that led to this shot being taken. Many exposures were fired off before I captured the smoke exhaling from the subjects mouth, Harder to time than you would think!

Balbriggan Harbor. 2014. 

I was getting back into my friends car when I spotted this and jumped out as he was pulling off to get the shot. The light just touching the left of the subjects couldn't be ignored, I had to get the shot.

Henry Street, Dublin City. 2014. 

This man was writing his story in chalk onto the ground. Passers by stopped to read. I got down low for a better angle to juxtapose the silhouettes of the passers by with the subject.

So there you have it, hope you guys like the photos. I hope to continue my work and create a book of some sort in the near future.

The rest of my work can be seen on:

Find me on Facebook:

Thanks again to Mark Sheils / Picture Ireland - Keep up the good work!

- Andrew Collins.

The shots taken around 2013 were taken with a Nikon D3000 and a simple Nikon 18-55mm kit lens. The 2014 Shots were Mainly Taken with a Nikon D3200 and an 18-105mm Nikon lens. The shots I have taken in 2015, I used a Nikon D750 with a Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 lens.

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