Photographer: Reuben Fields

Reuben Fields is landscape photographer from Dublin. He explains how he got involved in photography:

"I was born in Dublin and studied computer science in Griffith College. After being encouraged to take up photography from my brother in law, I bought my first camera in 2013. My grandfather was legendary Dublin street photographer, Arthur Fields. He took hundred of thousands of photos throughout his 50 year career but no negatives survived. Today his photos are being collated from personal collections in a project to create an alternative photographic archive of a changing city.Too young to fully appreciate his work and dedication to photography, it has now given me inspiration to carry on in his footsteps and capture an ever changing Ireland. 
I love all forms of photography but my passion is landscapes. Ireland's diversity can be encapsulated in various elements of photography, dynamic light, distinct scenery and changing seasons. They all contribute to the attraction of Ireland which in turn lead to countless opportunities in capturing its beauty. I also love street portraiture and living in Dublin allows me to photograph an ever changing city with true character bringing in different cultures and individuals.
My pursuit of new experiences pushes me to continually improve my vision, while reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera with optimism, curiosity and passion."